Going Green

Going Green at Branfman LawThe Branfman Law Group, P.C. is proud of its participation in The ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge. We are currently in the process of adopting the Climate Challenges “best practices” and/or seeking certification for Office Paper Management Program and the EPA WasteWise Program. BLG is committed to helping the environment and that is why we:

  • Purchase at least approximately 90 percent of all types of copier, printer, letterhead, and bond paper, as well as business and manila envelopes that we purchase has at least 30% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Recycle at least approximately 90 percent of discarded mixed office paper (defined as all types of white copier and printer paper, bond and letterhead paper, note paper, colored paper, and envelopes).
  • Have instituted a policy of double-sided printing and copying for drafts and internal documents.
  • Make every attempt to replace our equipment with more energy-efficient ENERGY STAR labeled equipment. This includes our computers, monitors, printers, and copiers.
  • Turn off lights, computers, copiers, printers, and other equipment when not in use.
  • Have replaced incandescent or halogen lamps with compact fluorescents (CFL).
  • Use day lighting as much as possible, instead of lights.
  • Have made sure that screensavers are used.
  • Have upgraded the ambient fluorescent lighting system by replacing the T12 lamps with more energy-efficient T8 or T5 systems.
  • Use automatic lighting controls such as dimming systems that reduce light when natural daylight is available; and occupancy and motion sensors for, among other things, conference rooms, kitchens, storage rooms, and restrooms.
  • Have educated our cleaning crew to shut off miscellaneous items such as office lights, coffee pots, and other equipment when not used.
  • Have informed our employees about the many opportunities for energy efficiency improvements at home.