We are pleased to be returning to San Diego from Los Angeles after two busy days  at the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo (“CWCBE”)  and even more pleased to report the CWCBE seemed to be a success.  The state of the medical and adult use cannabis world appears to be strong and growing.

We saw some old friends and clients and made some new friends.  Although the event was officially scheduled for two days, with front-end and back-end add-ons it was actually a four day event.  The producers of CWCBE did a nice job of scheduling several dozen educational presentations covering everything from legal issues and developments to cultivation issues to new developments in pet meds (and everything in between).

The exhibition floor was also chock full of a wide variety of suppliers of products and services for medical patients and adult users ranging from accounting services to nextgen extraction devices to CBD-rich topicals, edibles and essential oils (and – once again – just about everything in between).   Additionally, the increase in the number and variety of CBD-rich medicines was notable and encouraging.

We were particularly pleased to see a number of our friends on the exhibition floor:  Marc and Craig Wasserman (the Pot Brothers at Law™); CannabisTalk101.com; PureRatios™ (transdermal patches, topicals and essential oils); and AmeriVacs® (vacuum sealing machines).

One of the other trends we noticed was the increasing number of new vendors who are picking good solid names, trademarks and brands for their goods and services and who are avoiding the classic mistakes many entrepreneurs in all industries make when they pick a name/trademark that is either generic, too descriptive, geographic or too commonly used.  These mistakes have been made too often by start-ups and entrepreneurs in the cannabis arena.

Here is the “nutshell” version of our naming/trademark tips for the cannabis entrepreneurs and start-ups:

Rule #1:  Registerable/Protectible Trademarks MUST Be….:

  • Clever
  • Unique and Uncommon
  • Arbitrary or Evocative
  • Memorable
  • Easy to Remember
  • Easy to Spell


  • Kodak
  • Exxon
  • Xerox
  • Auntie Dolores
  • Dixie Elixirs
  • Famous Amos
  • Greyhound (for bus line)
  • Apple (for computers & small electronics)
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Nike

Rule #2:  Registerable/Protectible Trademarks MUST NOT Be:

  • Generic  (Park & Fly, Window & Door Store, Apple [for apple sauce/apple juice])
  • Descriptive (United Packaging Services, Healthy Farm)
  • Common  (CannaFund, CannaNature, anything with “Canna”, Green, Emerald)
  • Geographic (San Diego Wellness Center)
  • Surname (Smith Wellness Center)
  • Laudatory (Best Meds)

2.1:  Examples of Good Names for the Cannabis Industry:

  • Fire Stop
  • Pakalolo Sunshine
  • Blossom
  • CPA
  • Outliers Collective
  • Chron Don
  • Clean Scene
  • Golden Nugget
  • Left Coast Collective
  • Freedom Farmers
  • Flash Buds

2.2:   Examples of OK (Not Great) Names:

  • Green Nectar
  • Green Hope
  • Green Cellars
  • Community Green
  • VIP Express
  • Alpha Medic
  • California Kindness
  • Exclusive Meds
  • Aztec meds
  • Diego Kush

2.3:  Examples Of Bad/Unprotectible Names:

  • CannaFarms
  • Green Meds
  • Chula Vista Meds
  • Best Meds
  • San Diego Organics
  • SD Cannabis Connection
  • SD Greens
  • South Bay Greens
  • Pacific Greens
  • Alternative Wellness
  • MJ Wellness

Conclusion:  It’s never to soon to start thinking about creating a great name/brand/trademark for your enterprise.  And the sooner you start and follow the basic rules outlined above, the higher the likelihood you’ll avoid the mistakes that others before you have made and that you’ll increase your chances of success.

For more info about how to create a great name/brand/trademark, please call us at (760) 637-2400 or write us at info@branfman.com.