Amidst the recent seemingly never-ending stories of chaos in the Oval Office, this recent story about the political ramifications of the Chinese government’s granting of a number of trademark registrations for TRUMP in China for everything from spas to real estate companies to bars, restaurants and…….wait for it…..escort services caught our eye:

Apparently Mr. Trump and/or his company have been trying to get the TRUMP trademark registered in China for more than a decade but until recently were repeatedly rebuffed by the China trademark office and their courts.  But that changed all of a sudden after the election and the trademark applications were granted in China.

Now the granting of the trademark registrations has become part of a federal lawsuit charging that Trump has violated the emoluments clauses of the U.S. Constitution.  “What in the wide wide world of sports does getting a trademark registration in China have to do with the emoluments clauses?” you might ask.  Well, the argument is that the granting of the trademark registrations confer considerable value to Trump/Trump Organization because this means they will have the sole right to profit from the TRUMP brand in China and that now that the Chinese have been so nice to him he might be inclined to do favors for China.

Stay tuned.