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Success Stories

#1: A Business in a State of Flux

The Problem:
When our client, a successful distributor of specialty products, first came to see us, his business was in a state of flux. His father who had formed the business had just passed away. A rogue partner of his father’s had almost destroyed their most important manufacturing partnership and they had no intellectual property protection for their business name, trademarks or line of goods which they exclusively distributed.

The Plan:
After he and his accountant straightened out the manufacturing partnership issues, we sat down and determined the best course of action to protect his business and intellectual property. We filed and obtained both State and Federal Trademark Registrations as soon as possible. We also protected his logo with a Copyright Registration and assisted in acquiring a series of domain names. Those steps formed the foundation for his intellectual property plan.

Over the next four years, our client’s business was solidified on multiple levels since he now owned the name of his business, the trademark used for his goods and possessed a well-designed website. We also helped to develop the contract that he executed with the manufacturer of the products that he distributed.

Now that our client has locked up all of the intellectual property related to his business, the manufacturer is interested in buying him out. This client is currently considering this offer to sell the business.

#2: A Business on the Verge of Greatness

The Problem:
When our client, a successful businesswoman in the fitness industry came to see us, she was on the verge of greatness. She was already running a profitable business but wanted more. She wanted her own line of DVDs, her own line of products, and she wanted to take everything nationwide.

The Plan:
As her business grew, we helped her secure her intellectual property rights, starting with her trademarks and copyrights. We also helped her enforce her intellectual property because with fame comes infringers and copycats. This is exactly what happened to her. Her intellectual property is infringed upon quite often and we help her protect it by preparing and sending cease and desist letters and ensuring that her demands are met in a timely fashion. We have also assisted her with her contractual needs including endorsement agreements, distribution agreements, and production agreements.

Currently she is once again on the verge of taking the business to a new level by going nationwide through a series of licensing agreements which will allow others to use her trademarks, copyrights and programs.